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I have had the privilege of collaborating with Beata Elzbieta Golec on several occasions in the Rochester, NY area. Every time I discover that we are working together I get excited! Beata has a professionalism combined with sensitivity to the music she performs and the accompaniment she provides with collaborative musicians that is of the highest standard.


Mark Daniels, tenor

Beata is an extremely talented musician, composer, pianist, and a  very dedicated and effective teacher.  I have been taking piano lessons with Beata since the Fall of 2022, and since that time my skills have improved immensely.  Based on my prior musical background, she was able to structure the lessons to meet the level of instruction that I needed and that were necessary to meet my own personal goals.  

We have worked on technique, music theory, composition, effective practicing, and musicianship.  She has been patient with my learning process every step of the way.

I just performed one of my compositions in her studio recital.  Since the time I have taken lessons with Beata, my complete understanding of music theory has opened up my mind in ways I never knew existed.  I give the highest recommendation to any level piano student that seeks instruction.

Dr. Rebeca Boyd

Beata is an exceptional music teacher who has been providing piano and voice lessons to my children for over 5 years. She holds them to high standards and works with their individual personalities. Beata's encouragement and support helped my daughter overcome her stage fright and develop a love for performing. She tailors her lessons to their unique interests and supports them. Beata fosters a deep appreciation for music and has created a safe and comfortable environment for both my kids. Overall, Beata's unwavering dedication, expertise, and caring nature make her an outstanding music teacher whom I highly recommend.

Alissa Shields

I have known Beata for almost 9 years now. She is the music director for the choir at my church. She is truly dedicated to her profession and an accomplished musician. Her music is impeccable. Although most of the singers in our choir do not read music, Beata works closely with each voice group, and we make beautiful music together. She welcomes the youth of our parish to sing as cantors for the Mass. She also welcomes instrumental accompaniment to her music, such as guitar, flute, violin, and trumpet to enhance the worship environment. Beata is always so well prepared and dependable. Her students from her Music Studio have had the opportunity to perform in recital at our church and I have witnessed her professionalism and caring spirit with her students. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking lessons.

Suzanne O'Neal 

Beata Golec is a music educator par excellence.  Beata’s range of knowledge is immense: history and development of music throughout the centuries; composers’ personalities and lives and how that impacted their music; music theory far beyond the “basics” often taught; composition with nuances of development while still following the established “rules;” and, of course, how to play a piano.  


Over the years I have had numerous violin and piano teachers who were knowledgeable and proficient performers; however, they could not teach.  It takes more than knowledge to be a good teacher, and here is where Beata excels.  She has the requisite patience, professionalism, and positive attitude needed in a teacher.  In addition, Beata is able to reduce her vast musical expertise into manageable, precise information and explain it simply (and patiently!) For example, when in my lesson we’re discussing music theory Beata can clearly answer my questions, and from as many directions as necessary, until I “get it.”   Another example, when my lesson is focused on playing a piece of music where I’m having difficulty, Beata suggests apractice technique, which addresses and helps alleviate that specific problem. Beata continues to come up with new practice ideas.  


Why do I continue studying with Beata?  Because she is fun to work with, and I’m continually learning.  Beata’s passion and love of what she teaches is infectious, and I like that.  

June Ogden

Are you looking for a music instructor who is exceptionally knowledgeable, relates with students of all ages and abilities, has an abundance of patience and is always positive? Then Dr. Beata Golec is the instructor you are looking for.   I have worked with Dr. Golec for several years as a volunteer cantor at Our Mother of Sorrows Church. As a cantor with over 37 years of music ministry experience with the Diocese of Rochester, I am impressed with Dr. Golec’s ability to relate to volunteers with varied choral experience as well as with professional musicians as she prepares for weekly liturgies. Dr. Golec is encouraging, well organized, and communicates effectively with our choir. Under Dr. Golec’s guidance, I continue to learn and grow in my knowledge and performance of music.  I always look forward to celebrating mass with her.


Rich Healey

Beata is wonderful. As an adult beginner, she has been patient and kind. She adapts my learning in piano and voice, to my needs and my pace.  She has an ability to hold you accountable and inspire you to grow.   I highly recommend her to advanced and beginner voice and piano students.

Lisa Stantz

I have worked with Beata at Our Mother of Sorrows Church in the resurrection choir,  also she has accompanied me for weddings and I have found her to be the consummate professional.  Her knowledge and musicianship is formidable and she is a pleasure to work with. 

Donna Alloco

My desire to learn to play the piano has been a far-reaching, yet not-forgotten quest.    The realities of life which included raising children, job responsibilities and everything in between made the thought of sweating over music theory and practice much less enticing.  And then I was fortunate to learn about Dr. Golec and her prowess for teaching adults seeking piano proficiency.  


Today, after just 5 months of consistent work with Dr. Golec, I have been able to extinguish all of my previous anxiety over learning to play and thanks to her I have rekindled a passion for the keys as I evolve in both the theory and practice space.  I appreciate her extraordinary depth of knowledge and knack for developing her students within a supportive and nurturing studio environment.  My goal is not to become the next Ludwig van Beethoven, but to be the best I can be in front of the keys with competence and confidence -- Dr. Golec is the reason why accomplishing both of these goals will become a reality!

Ike Jordan

As a mature adult, who loves to sing songs of worship and praise, I am delighted to recommend Beata Golec and her Music Studio! I have been working with Beata for the past few years to help me prepare as a cantor for Mass. I do not read or play music, but she has helped me improve in many areas. She is a great resource for me, and I have been very happy with her kind, patient, and professional assistance.  I would highly recommend Beata to any musician who is looking for help with their career or favorite hobby.


Sincerely, Barbara Lake

Dr. Golec is my 5 years old daughter’s piano teacher. She is very patient with my daughter. Like a typical 5 year old she can get distracted, Dr. Golec is excellent at listening to my daughter but then redirecting her back to the task at hand with losing minimal teaching time. Her lessons are 45 minutes long and I am astonished my daughter will sit there and learn theory and play the piano. I struggle keeping my daughter on task for 5 minutes! My daughter is a very energetic kid but the lessons are extremely engaging and my daughter looks forward to the lesson every week.

The lessons themselves are a perfect blend of theory and playing. Many times, at this age, it can be hard to engage a student in music theory. However, skipping this theory in my opinion hinders your ability to play the piano to a more advanced level. She has been working on recognizing and drawing different notes, adding beats, learning rhythm and recognizing notes on a staff. In addition, she has been learning different pieces to help reinforce these skills.

One additional benefit is Dr. Golec’s flexibility and understanding if your child is sick or there is a change in schedule. My other daughter had her tonsils out and we needed to change date and time and she very willingly accommodated this. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Golec for anyone wanting to learn how to play the piano.

Danielle Sklepik

I’ve worked with Beata for several years now and she has been absolutely amazing to work with. She is reliable, trustworthy and extremely dedicated. One of the qualities I love most about Beata is that she is a true leader. She will never back down to what she believes in.

Amanda Varrone

I learn piano in an unconventional way. I am not interested  in music notation or theory. I want to learn chords that go with the songs I know and enjoy. Beata taught me chord progressions based on the keyboard experience rather than the theoretical concept. I learned how to play chords in various key signatures based on the touch and sound and now can improvise and compose based on the previously learned skills. Beata is kind, prompt and patient.

George Howell

Dr. Golec is without a doubt the best music theory/piano teacher I’ve ever had! All of her lessons are perfectly clear and concise and helped me easily understand even the most difficult concepts. Dr. Golec always goes the extra mile to make sure that her students are understanding each topic and never hesitates to go back and review or practice whatever students may be unsure about. Her teaching style is very structured and organized which makes it super easy to see how all of the topics come together and to see where each lesson will be taking you, but she also is more than understanding if a lesson needs to be pushed back or restructured for any reason. In all of her classes, I truly felt that her students' well being was her top priority, and I knew that I would be supported in any way that I needed throughout my time with her. She knows what her students are capable of and pushes them to achieve the most, all while empowering her students and making them feel confident in their abilities. I’m so incredibly grateful to have had Dr. Golec as my professor, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a tutor or teacher in a heartbeat!

Alannah Egan

We are so happy with Dr. Golec! She has become so much more then a piano teacher for our daughter, she has become a mentor and role model. Her skills as a music instructor are second to none. Additionally, she has taught our daughter time management,  discipline, confidence, even math through music. Dr. Beata is truly someone special. We highly recommend her! 


Pat Liberti

I am a new student of Dr Golec. Her dedication to teaching is evident, demonstrating patience, readiness and ability to tailor lessons to the student's skill and needs. Her studio is comfortable and welcoming. She is flexible in scheduling lesson times.  I've enjoyed sharing Dr Golec's love of music and look forward to developing my piano-playing and an interesting repertoire. 

Kathy Markakis

My name is Erica Hoenig, and I am very proud to write this testimonial on Dr. Golec. She is an awesome teacher and lessons with her are always rewarding as well as challenging. My piano lessons with Dr. Golec started during my studies at SUNY Geneseo. During this time, she had her students play a piano recital at her church and at first I was so nervous about this as this was my first piano recital, but after our lessons together I felt much more at ease on the piano with a better understanding of not only my pieces, but also of music theory. This understanding of music theory continued to flourish throughout my lessons with her to help prepare for my graduate studies. She is so patient, and unlike my theory teachers in the past she takes time to explain how theory concepts connect to each other and how it is important to me as a singer. In all, Dr. Golec is a wonderful teacher and I am proud to be her student!!! She also also an awesome voice teacher too and I see the growth as well as improvement in my technique each lesson!

I feel very lucky to have found Beata for my daughter. I wasn’t sure if it was too early for her to start learning piano, but Beata has made it look easy. She is very kind, and teaches with patience. Her passion for piano shows, and her ability to be able to teach all ages is amazing!

Sabina Thompson

I have worked with Beata as a substitute accompanist for many years.  She is an accomplished and talented musician.  I admire her ability to communicate clearly the schedules and music needed for all participants in the liturgies.  It is an honor to assist when needed and a joy to accompany the choir and the many cantors she has trained.

Judy Costello

I have worked with Beata for several years as a church musician. She has always proven herself to be incredibly prepared and highly professional. She cares deeply for her students and creates a welcoming environment in her church choir.

Laura A.

I have had the opportunity to work with Beata Golec at Holy Cross Church since 2003, when she was hired as our organist and I was a member of the HC choir. When she returned to Holy Cross as full time Director in 2021, I now have the privilege to work with her again, as I am a cantor for the 8 am Sunday Mass, as well as special liturgies.

Beata is extremely talented and her professionalism shines through. She is thoroughly organized and always takes the time to work with cantors and choir members to make sure we are prepared to sing our best.

One musical highlight of mine is collaborating with Beata in 2007, when we created a Christmas CD for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary! Her exceptional talent as an accompanist for my CD helped in making my dream a reality!

Thank you Beata, for helping to create a cherished gift for my family and friends, along with your time and talent as our Director of Music!

Barbara Giordano

I have had the pleasure of taking piano lessons from Beata for over a year, and it has been a transformative journey. Starting as a complete novice, I tried to use a variety of apps on my phone to learn to play with minimal progress and frustration where I couldn't get past a certain point. I could hardly imagine playing intricate pieces, yet here I am, doing just that! Beata has a remarkable ability to connect music theory with the art of composition, making every lesson truly enjoyable. Under her guidance, I've transitioned from simple beginner books to tackling complex compositions. Her patience, expertise, and inspiring teaching style have not only enhanced my skills but also deepened my appreciation for music. I wholeheartedly recommend Beata to anyone looking to explore the piano, whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your skills further.

Manasi Ladrigan

If you’re considering having your children take lessons from the best, you need to get in touch with Dr. Beata Golec. Yes. Doctor! To say she takes music and instruction seriously is an understatement. Beata has deep breadth and depth of music knowledge and experience, and my kids have had lessons both in person from Dr. Golec’s dedicated music studio and virtually. Both formats have proven successful for the kids and Beata often follows up with a short message to check in with the parents and track progress of the students. Being a parent herself, Dr. Beata is sympathetic to busy and active familes. She goes to extremes to find suitable times to meet with the kids. She is a no nonsense instructor but understands that like their parents, kids have on and off days. Beata adjusts expectations to suit each individual lesson. Dr. Golec comes highly recommended as a music instructor.

John Shields

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